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- Seminar 'Leading & Sustaining the Innovative Organization'

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- Seminar 'Leading & Sustaining the Innovative Organization'
by FHR Secretariat - Thursday, 12 June 2014, 9:42 AM

FHR Lim A Po Institute for Social Studies presents the seminar 'Leading & Sustaining the Innovative Organizationby Drs. Roel Meijers.

Drs. Roel Meijers (1953) is one of the two directors of Strategy Academy and Strategy Works. Strategy Academy, is an international research and training company, dedicated to improving companies’ competences in the areas of strategy, leadership and business innovation (www.strategy-academy.org). Strategy Works, is an international strategy consulting and coaching firm, specialized in facilitating boardroom decision-making and guiding companies through processes of strategic renewal (www.strategy-works.com). Read more about Drs. Roel Meijers...

This seminar will address the topic strategic renewal and its underlying processes. This understanding will enable participants to define qualities and competences an organisation needs to successfully renew. Secondly it will help participants to understand how management could lead and sustain such an innovation capability. The story will be illustrated with examples from developed and emerging economies, from multinational organisations and medium and small sized companies. Read more about the seminar...